New Energy Hair Oil

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  1. Cleanses the scalp
  2. Strong hair growth
  3. Prevents dandruff
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  •  Key Features:-

Regular Oiling And Massage Of The Scalp With The Herbal Oil Also reduces hair fall. The massage improves blood circulation improving the roots of the hair. This, in turn, decreases the hair fall.

  • The herbal hair oil also has properties which relax the mind and thus relaxing the body. This helps counteract the tension, relieve stress levels. When all this is done, it helps the hair grow.
  • Regular use of herbal hair oils also helps get rid of dandruff and keep it at bay. The natural herbs also ensure that the quality of the scalp gets better.
  • The natural herb extracts contain nutrients which prevent greying and act as a barrier against external factors such as grime, dust & pollution.
  • The antiseptic properties also keep fungal infections at bay. The oils help open pores and kill any bacteria in them. A good massage and wash with a good shampoo ensure that no infection remains in the scalp.
  • The herbal hair oils are made from natural ingredients and hence do not have any side effects. This means whatever your scalp type, these oils are safe to use.

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